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Do you have high standards? So do we! Specialty gases from Messer

Specialty gas supplier

As a leading industrial gas specialist, Messer offers a wide range of specialty gases. The extensive product includes liquid helium, high purity gases, rare gases, standard and individual gas mixtures as well as the necessary specialty gases equipment. The product requirements are just as specific and diverse as their applications.


Reliable and certified quality

Reliable product quality is the most important requirement of specialty gases. Compliance with the defined product specifications is based on a strict quality management. The extensive and long-standing experience and the highly skilled employees in development, production and analytics enable us to continuously meet the high quality requirements of our customers.

Specialized production sites

Messer operates specialty gas production plants in Europe, Asia, North and South America. In Europe, our plants are located in Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland, Serbia and Hungary. Through decentralized production, we ensure close contact with our customers. At the same time, thanks to the central coordination of our factories, we offer a consistently high quality of our products. Besides the general quality management system according to the ISO/EN 9000 family, four of our European specialty gases plants hold an accreditation as a calibration laboratory according to ISO 17025. With the additional accreditation according to ISO/EN 17034 our Swiss laboratory achieves the recognition, that it meets the highest quality and competence requirements, necessary for the production of certified reference materials.

Specialty Gases portofolio

The specialty gas product portfolio includes a wide range of high-grade products – from liquid helium to an extensive range of pure gases and standard mixtures to gas mixtures that are specially produced to individual customer specifications. The supply options ranges from gas mixture in pressure cans to bulk supply of pure gases, from technical up to 6.0-quality. Our customers benefit from the expertise in problem solving, which the experts from Messer demonstrate in personal advice.


It is only through their application that gases become useful. For example, liquid helium is used to cool MRI’s (magnetic resonance imaging), helium gas is used as lifting gas in balloons or airships and with higher purity as carrier gas in gas chromatography. Of course, these applications place completely different demands on the product, the delivery form, the equipment used and the service provided. Messer’s experts work with the user to develop the optimal concept for each individual case.


Safety is always a top priority. Messer provides information on gas properties, the safe handling of gases and gives safety instructions. Customers using a high number of calibration gases, e.g. in a laboratory, can benefit from the online management tool myLab.

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